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AMC Sciences is the only hospital-based accelerator in Korea
and aims to develop new drugs for various intractable diseases.

Advancing hospital-based new drug development.

AMC Sciences was established within the Asan Life Science Institute in January 2023 with the support of the Asan Foundation, and is fostering startups that develop innovative treatments through open innovation by utilizing clinical and research resources from Asan Medical Center, the largest in Korea.

AMC Sciences


AMC Sciences has a ProteoXplore platform that discovers new targets for intractable diseases based on vast patient tissues and clinical information held by Asan Medical Center. The platform presents the most effective drug targets by integrated analysis of patients' genomes, transcriptomes, protein body information, and medical records.

Business Model

  • Central Lab

    Exploring and validating new drug technologies

  • Prototype Company

    Operates as an internal organization (CIC) and supports early asset development

  • Company Spin-off

    AMC Sciences-led Planning Start-up


AMC Sciences is developing innovative therapeutic technologies for cancer, immune diseases, eye diseases, and more, and fostering early-stage prototype companies focusing on each field.

Central Lab

AMC Sciences has its own laboratory that introduces, evaluates, and develops promising technologies and employs talented people who are passionate about developing innovative new drugs.

If you want to do it with AMC Sciences?

AMC Sciences is hiring talented people who are passionate about developing new drugs.